Some people swear by having a cup of coffee each night before they go do bed. Most others, however, find that it can greatly disrupt the quality of sleep that they get. To understand why this is you must understand what caffeine does to your body and how this can differ among people. The more you know will help you to decide whether or not a cup of coffee is a good idea at the end of the night.

The first thing to recognize is that everyone is different when it comes to their reaction to anything that is put in the body. Some people are extremely sensitive to caffeine, which is in coffee, while others experience little or no effect from it. You likely already have a pretty good idea of where you stand when it comes to caffeine. Some people are so sensitive that they can notice a difference in how they feel just after having a small amount of soda. Others can drink 6 cups of strong coffee and feel little to no effect.

If you find that you are even slightly sensitive to caffeine it is probably best to refrain from drinking it in the evening. It can lead to your body being ready for thought and activity when you should instead to headed for bed. However, if you are not at all sensitive to it, it could actually help you relax in the evening. This is especially true if you only enjoy one cup. Caffeine causes the body to release dopamine, which can give the drinker a sense of happiness and peace.

On the other side of the matter, if you find that you have difficulty sleeping and can’t find the cause, caffeine may be the culprit. Even if you only drink coffee in the morning it can have physiological effects throughout the day. Many people, for example, report that they crash in the afternoons. This is often the result of having too much coffee early in the day and the body reacting to it wearing off. It may be a good idea to eliminate coffee all together and see how that impacts your ability to sleep each day. You may find that you feel better in general as you are getting the sleep that you need and are no longer consuming a beverage that actually dehydrates you.

There are a couple of beverages that are ideal to drink in the evening before bed. The main one is water. Those that drink a glass of water each evening before retiring for the night susceptible report having great sleep patterns. They also tend to wake up feeling better than those that do not drink a glass of water before bed. This is because water is the most important element for the human body and even though you are asleep your body still uses a good amount of water to regenerate and rejuvenate.

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Certain green teas can also be beneficial to drink before you head to bed. They are extremely low in caffeine, but are also known to contain antioxidants that help the body to purify itself of toxins we come in contact with each day. Some even contain additional herbs that promote a healthy night of sleep, you just have to be sure that they work for you as intended.

Coffee before bed is likely not the best idea for most people. The natural effects that it has in the human body leads to stimulation rather than relaxation. However, there are other things that you can do to help improve your quality of sleep as long as you are willing to make small changes in your routine.


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