• Runa

    We've started to make our own nut milks, which is much easier than we had originally anticipated. With a big enough blender, really anything is possibly. Along with that we also make our own peanut butter, which is mega, mega tasty.

    Smorgasburg has been off to a really amazing start these past few weeks. We always look forward to our summers in Brooklyn. It gives us great joy to have also been invited to run a semi permanent location on Governor's Island as well this summer.  That will bring us some more amazing views of the South Side of Manhattan while you get to enjoy such facilities as a bike path and public use hammocks.  This is going to be a great summer for everyone!
    We got some awesome specialty tea this week from a drink company called Runa. We plan on making it into debatably better ice cream. Also this week we will premiere our Chocolate Hazelnut flavor. Get your taste buds ready. 
  • Music soothes the savage beast...

    As I get older, I'm beginning to enjoy music more when there are less lyrics. It allows you to draw your own influence from the music, rather than hear a specific message. Also, electronic music may help give some artists more access to sounds that may not have been so readily available on other instruments. Some recent artists I've been enjoying a lot are Guitar and Bonobo. Each band is at times both melodic and groovy. It's great music to enjoy throughout your day. Explore them if you have the time. 

    We are moving towards changing our shipping store so we can support national distribution for only $30!  How awesome is that? You can check it out at before we join.  There are many hand picked delicious treats that you can get delivered right to your door.  

  • Menu, now with icons!

    This is the most exciting new piece of our booth, our menu scroll!  My friend for years, John (@johnny on twitter) made us some adorable graphics, whic we turned into our menu.  You can check it out here. 

    menu lines.jpg

  • and 100 more...

    Yesterday was my grandfathers 100th birthday, which makes me part cent-urian.  He immigrated from Southern Italy and built up his life here quite literally (he was a stone mason by trade).  It was amazing to spend the day surrounded by family and old friends, hearing about his life.  As always, I got to enjoy homemade desserts from all my cousins.  The anisette cookies will last me all week.  And so will the leftovers.  

    I probably will not last until 100, seeing as I was raised on a mostly pre-processed diet and my grandfather tended a garden on his .25 acres until he couldn't leave the house anymore.  He ate what he grew.  He knew exactly what he was putting into his body and that could make a difference between longevity and a short ride.  

    Spring is coming, get a planter and grow something green.  Marvel at how a seed turns into something edible.  Touch the leaves, break their skin and smell their oils.  Think of how our anscestors must have felt upon the discovery of mastering something we take for granted, vegetation.  Plus, have you ever eaten fresh, fresh herbs?   They're magnificent.

    Oh, did you come here to read about ice cream?  Today we take a page from Michael Bluth and leave you with the line, "Family First."

    ~ The Alcreamist ~